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Brad McCombs
Ignacio Castaneda Garcia

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Program Resources

We are aware of the myriad challenges that students may face during participation in the program, and we are committed to supporting each student's learning and success. Students should familiarize themselves with college resources and programs designed to offer academic, personal, and financial support, including aid with food, housing, and other necessities. Students who are struggling should reach out to their instructors, service managers, mentors, and/or counselors to ask for help. The ASSET Program is committed to supporting the success and well-being of all its students.

Scholarships and Financial Aid

Cuyamaca College offers a full array of financial aid and scholarship programs available to full-time and part-time students. Students are encouraged to take the time to apply for scholarships and grants. Note that Ford awards generous scholarships to students every year and does not stipulate how the funds awarded are to be used.


Disabled Student Program and Services

Students with disabilities are encouraged to apply to the ASSET Program. The program offers students of all aptitudes and abilities meaningful ways to participate and learn. Students with disabilities should register with Disabled Students Programs and Services (DSPS) and should arrange for accommodations with their instructors, managers, and/or mentors.


Military Transition Programs

Cuyamaca College’s Veterans Center offers comprehensive services for veterans leaving the service and transitioning to civilian life, including counseling, support with applying for benefits, and opportunities to form meaningful academic and personal support networks. Additionally, military bases have transition programs and events for eligible students. Contact your Field Service Engineer (FSE) for more information.


Cuyamaca Cares

Cuyamaca Cares is a wrap-around program that offers additional financial, food, and housing resources.


Class Registration

Students can register for classes through Self Service.


Meet with a Counselor

Students can schedule a meeting with a counselor online.




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