Course ID      Course Name
ART-100 Art Appreciation
ART-120 Two Dimensional Design
ART-121 Painting I
ART-124 Drawing I
ART-125 Drawing II
ART-129 Three-Dimensional Design
ART-135 Watercolor I
ART-140 Survey of Western Art I: Prehistoric through Middle Ages              
ART-141 Survey of Western Art II: Renaissance through Modern
ART-143 Modern Art
ART-144 Architecture of the 20th Century
ART-145 Contemporary Art
ART-146 Asian Art
ART-148 Applied Design & Crafts
ART-149 History of Graphic Design
ART-151 Chicanx Art
ART-177 Digital Drawing & Painting
ART-220 Painting II
ART-221 Painting III
ART-222 Painting IV
ART-224 Drawing III
ART-225 Drawing IV
ART-230 Figure Drawing I
ART-231 Figure Drawing II
ART-232 Figure Drawing III
ART-233 Figure Drawing IV
ART-235 Watercolor II
ART-236 Watercolor III
ART-241 Illustration I
ART-242 Illustration II