Course ID Course Name
ENGL-020 Support for Freshman Composition

Comprehensive Support for Freshman Composition

ENGL-120 College Composition and Reading
ENGL-122 Introduction to Literature
ENGL-124 Advanced Composition: Critical Reasoning and Writing
ENGL-126 Creative Writing
ENGL-130 Short Fiction Writing I
ENGL-140 Poetry Writing I
ENGL-200 Cooperative Work Experience in English
ENGL-201 Women, Gender, and Sexuality in Literature
ENGL-202 Introduction to Film as Literature
ENGL-214 Masterpieces of Drama
ENGL-217 Fantasy and Science Fiction
ENGL-221 British Literature I
ENGL-222 British Literature II
ENGL-231 American Literature I
ENGL-232 American Literature II
ENGL-236 Chicana/o Literature
ENGL-238 Black Literature
ENGL-270 World Literature I
ENGL-271 World Literature II