Course ID Course Name
HIST-100 Early World History
HIST-101 Modern World History
HIST-105 Early Western Civilization
HIST-106 Modern Western Civilization
HIST-107 History of Race and Ethnicity in the United States
HIST-108 Early American History
HIST-109 Modern American History
HIST-114 Comparative History of the Early Americas
HIST-115 Comparative History of the Modern Americas
HIST-118 U.S. History: Chicano/Chicana Perspectives I
HIST-119 U.S. History: Chicano/Chicana Perspectives II
HIST-122 Women in Early American History
HIST-123 Women in Modern American History
HIST-124 History of California
HIST-128 Kumeyaay History I: PreContact - 1845
HIST-129 Kumeyaay History II: 1846 - Present
HIST-130 U.S. History and Cultures: Native American Perspectives I
HIST-131 U.S. History and Cultures: Native American Perspectives II                 
HIST-148 The Modern Middle East
HIST-157 History Through Comics
HIST-180 U.S. History: Black Perspectives I
HIST-181 U.S. History: Black Perspectives II
HIST-193 Academic and Career Opportunities in History and Humanities
HIST-194 Internships in History
HIST-275 Historical Period
HIST-276 Geographical Area
HIST-277 Historical Theme