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Cuyamaca College Classified Senate

Cuyamaca College Classified Senate embraces the valuable contributions of all Classified Professionals by creating an environment that cultivates community, communication and advocacy! We believe in the value of the classified perspective on the college learning environment and the success of students at Cuyamaca College and throughout the District!


Executive Board:

Raul Enciso, President; Stephanie Rodriguez-Gutierrez, Vice President; Taylor Fiehler-Roose, Treasurer; Katie Cabral, Secretary and Past President


Classified Senate Executive Board 2023-2025



Michael Allen, Rafael Ayala, Anmar Kakos, Dalea Kanno, Veronica Nieves-Cortez, Rocky Rose, Layla Shaba, Amber Toland Perry, and Carla Villanueva


Classified Senate Senators 2023-2025



Classified Senate Vision

Provide classified staff a voice to participate in the initiation, development, and evaluation of all District policies and procedures that support educational programs and services for students at Grossmont and Cuyamaca Colleges.


Classified Senate Mission

Cuyamaca Classified Senate promotes the valuable contributions made by classified staff in creating an environment that will lead to the greatest level of student success. The Senate encourages the exchange of ideas, understanding, and cooperation between classified staff, faculty, administrators and students in the best interest of enriching the educational environment.


Classified Senate Constitution and Bylaws

Classified Senate Task Forces

Cuyamaca Classified Senate includes the following task forces:

  • 9+1 Task Force
  • Community Care Task Force
  • Constitution and Bylaws Task Force

2022 Classified Professionals Week