Advisor Resources


Thank you for serving as an advisor to a student organization. Your involvement is critical not only to the success of the student organization, but also to the developmental process for every member of the organization. By helping to shape the collegiate experience for student organization members, you are playing a pivotal role in the learning that takes place outside the classroom. In addition to adding to the social experience for students through their involvement in organizations, the experience also provides practical tools for students to use in the future.


Depending on the needs of the student organization, the role of every advisor will differ. However, it is helpful for advisor to stay in contact with the student organization throughout the year. It can be very beneficial to attend some of their meetings, schedule one-on-one talks with the officers, and go to some of their events.


There are several forms included on this website that may be helpful to you as an advisor. In addition, the forms to register and re-register a student organization are also included on this page. For example, if students are re-registering an organization, they need to just complete the information form, budget form, and re-submit a copy of the organizations constitutions. For new student organization, please refer to the registration packet.


Thank you again for volunteering, and if you need any assistance, please contact me at

(619) 660-4295