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Due to COVID-19, Attention All DSPS Students:the DSPS office and DSPS High Tech Center (HTC) are closed until further notice for in-person meetings and support but are open for remote/virtual services.


Guide to Transitioning From High School to College

This publication is designed to help students with disabilities transition from high school to college. It will guide students, parents, teachers and administrators as they begin planning for college. Checklists may be duplicated for student use or for program planning. We hope that students will be “Catching the Wave” from high school to college.


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Steps to Transitioning from High School

  1. Apply to Cuyamaca College your last semester of High School
    1. If eligible : Apply for FAFSA 
  2. Provide DSPS with Verification of Disability-ie: IEP, 504, and other
  3. Complete online orientation via WebAdvisor
  4. Currently multiple measures are being used for Math and English placement
  5. Make an Appointment for a DSPS Intake for Advising and Academic Accommodations
  6. If eligible apply to Department of Rehabilitation for additional educational assistance


Too better support and assist in the transition, we highly recommend that you familiarize yourself with FERPA Regulations (Family Educational Rights and Privacy Act).


For questions or requests to speak with a DSPS staff member, you may email our:

For answers to questions related to other Student Service programs, please visit the: Cuyamaca College Student Support Services Page


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