DSPS Staff

Below is a list of the members of the DSPS staff at the One Stop Center (DSPS main office A-113) and at the High Tech Center, located in the Library Resource Center (C - 114).

Email a Main Office Staff Member


DSPS Main Office A-113 (One Stop Center) Phone # 619-660-4239


Agustin Orozco: Associate Dean of Student Services & Special Programs


Beth Viersen: Professor, DSPS Coordinator


Rachelle Panganiban: Associate Professor, Counselor


Margaret Jones: Associate Professor, Speech & Language Specialist


Johnny Barner: Assistant Professor, Counselor


Valerie Peterson: Counselor, DSPS Adjunct


Lekaa Yaldekko: Interim Student Services Specialist


Hiam Abdulahad: Interim Student Services Assistant


Laura Brow: Hourly-Deaf/HOH Scheduler


Email a High Tech Center Staff Member

DSPS High Tech Center C-114 (LRC) Phone # 619-660-4299


Brian Josephson: Associate Professor, DSPS High Tech Center, Alternate Media and Access Specialist


Jennifer Moore: DSPS Learning Assistance Center Specialist


Email the Test Proctor

Roberta Gottfried: DSPS Test Proctor


For a paper copy of the above, please see Who's Who in DSPS


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