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You are now able to schedule your own appointment with someone from the Main DSPS Office, High Tech Center, and Test Proctoring.  Cuyamaca's DSPS Department e-Counseling provides currently registered DSPS student the opportunity to ask quick questions that do not require in person appointments. You will need your student ID number in order to submit a question.


**Please read each service explanation


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DSPS Main Office Virtual Services

DSPS Counselors/Specialists are available for virtual and in-person appointments for Cuyamaca DSPS students only.  If you are not currently registered with Cuyamaca DSPS your appointment will be canceled.


Please follow the Steps to Enroll to determine eligibility for DSPS services.  


Appointments (Virtual and In Person)
  • To schedule an appointments please call our main office at 619-660-4239 or email at
  • Services provided through live 15-minute Drop-in Appointments: Quick questions, COVID-19 related concerns, disability management, interpretation of assessment results, discuss academic status (probation/dismissal), add/drop classes, EOPS reduced course load letter, update Academic Adjustment form, and one semester ed planning.

DSPS Drop-in appointments are available the week of priority registration and the first 3 days of each semester15-minute live Drop-in appointments are available for Same-Day scheduling only and are on a first come first serve basis. If no appointments are available, please check back the next business day.  


  • Services provided through live 60-minute Appointments: DSPS intake for new students, educational planning (comprehensive & one semester), Personal Attendant Agreement form, success strategies, financial aid petitions (consortium agreement & appeals), Admissions & Records petitions, personal/crisis counseling, choosing a Major, and Career Counseling.
High Tech Center  Services
  • Alternate Media (digital text books, enlarged text, Learning Ally, etc...)
  • Assistive Technology (Kurzweil, Adobe reader, tape recorders
  • High Tech Center (location, hours of operation, staffing)

A High Tech Center staff/faculty member will respond to your question within 3 business days

Test Proctor Services
  • Scheduling an exam, quiz, test, midterm, final exam, etc...
  • Policy and Procedures
  • location, hours of operation, availability
  • other

The Test Proctor will respond to your question within 3 business days. Once your question is answered, you will receive an email notification.   

You are able to ask questions to any of the following DSPS services

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