Placement Frequently Asked Questions

What accommodations are available for students with disabilities?

If you have a disability, contact Disabled Students Programs and Services for assistance with accommodations at (619) 660-4239.

How is placement determined? 

Placement is determined off of these main topics:

  • Intended major
  • High school GPA (unweighted)
  • Highest math class completed
  • Familiarity with the English Language

How does it work?

  •  Intended major helps us understand what type of classes you will need to take to complete your educational goal. If you want to change majors after you have already selected a response, you can speak to a counselor to help make these changes.
  • High school GPA (unweighted) helps us understand how successful you are taking courses. If you didn't finish high school, that is okay! There is an option for that.
  • Highest math course completed with a C or better helps understand your success with math courses. If you didn't take math or complete a class on the list provided, no worries! There is an option for that.
  • Familiarity with the English Language determines if you are in need of ESL (English as a Second Language) courses. If you are, you will be given an option to set up an appointment with our Placement Specialist to determine the right course for you.

What if I took English and Math classes at a different college?

You are still encouraged to complete the Placement Questionnaire. Though you may have taken coursework elsewhere, you could potentially place higher than at your previous institution. If that is not the case please submit a Prerequisite Clearance Form with a copy of your unofficial transcript for consideration.

What if I took an AP exam?

If you have completed an AP exam with a 3 or better, you are still encouraged to complete the Placement Questionnaire. You will likely be placed in the appropriate courses for this level. If that is not the case please submit a Prerequisite Clearance Form with a copy of your score report for consideration.

What are some possible placements I could get?

Follow the links to find what your potential MathEnglish or ESL placement could based on your High School information. 

Placement Challenge

If you already took the assessment via the Accuplacer test at Cuyamaca College, please complete the steps to reassess with the questionnaire. If you would like to challenge your placement level after you have completed the placement questionnaire please contact the Department Chair of either MathEnglish or ESL. You may also contact the Placement Center at for more information. 

Do I meet the math competency requirement for a degree?

Many students who are looking to graduate with a local (associate) degree may have met this requirement with the Placement Questionnaire. Visit the Counseling Center to ask a counselor if you have met this requirement.