Meet Our Graduates


At Cuyamaca, our students come from all walks of life. Each with a unique story and personal goal that they are here to obtain. 


Meet our special 2023 Cuyamaca College graduates and listen to them in their own words. 


Don't forget to stream Commencement live here on June 8 at 5p.m. 

Mary Hamer

Mary Hamer, a professional musician, took a 10-year break from her career due to mental health issues. Determined to make strides towards her future, she enrolled at Cuyamaca College at the age of 40, initially planning to study Social Work but later realizing her desire to impact the world as her therapists had supported her.


“I have issues. But that doesn’t mean that I am broken,” said Mary.


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Claudette Clark 

Claudette Clark will be receiving her Associate's degree in multiple disciplines - Music Performance, Music Industry Studies, and Music Education. After exploring various career paths, Claudette found her calling in music and decided to pursue it at Cuyamaca College, inspired by her late mother's unfulfilled dreams.

“They say that one of the last senses we have when we leave this place is our hearing. If that’s a bridge to help people with their quality of life, I want to be a part of that,” said Claudette.


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Abagail Wojnowski

Abagail Wojnowski, a 17-year-old student, is achieving two significant milestones in June. She is graduating from Mt. Miguel High School with her high school diploma and from Cuyamaca College with her Associate's Degree in History.


“The people you get to meet is the greatest thing,” said Abagail.


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Benjamin Hart: 2023 Student Speaker

Ben Hart


Benjamin Hart, the student speaker for the 2023 Cuyamaca College commencement, overcame a troubled past that included dropping out of high school and homelessness. After seeking help for his addiction, he pursued an education in automotive technology at Cuyamaca College and now runs his own automotive shop and plans to pursue a bachelor's degree in electrical engineering at UC San Diego.


“I want to inspire people,” says Benjamin, “if I can do it, you can do it too.”


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