These certificates of Specialization offer specific training either for entry-level positions or to augment related programs. They are designed to demonstrate a relatively narrow expertise or skill area that may be used to attain a "niche" job or expand your professional skill set.

Review the Cuyamaca catalog class descriptions and Degrees/Certificates for details.

  • Cisco Certified Network Associate Certificate
  • Cisco Network Professional Certificate
  • Cyber Security Specialist Certificate
  • Computer Programming Certificate
  • Computer Support Technician Certificate
  • Web Design Certificate
  • Web Programming Certificate

Students who wish to enroll in specific Microsoft applications (e.g. Word, PowerPoint) should refer to Business Office Technology.


Chart of Equivalent Classes at Grossmont and Cuyamaca Colleges for the Computer Information Sciences Departments.

General Education Requirements

To earn your AA or AS degree, or to move on to higher education, you must also complete theGeneral Education Requirements. Because there are occasional updates, check with a counselor for the most current information.