Course Equivalencies

The following Cuyamaca and Grossmont college courses are considered similar enough to be treated as equivalent. Modification of Major forms are not required. 


Review the


Cuyamaca Catalog


class descriptions and the Degrees/Certificates PDFs for additional details.


Cuyamaca Grossmont
CIS 105 Introduction To Computing CSIS 105 Introduction to Computing
CIS 110 Principles Of Information Systems CSIS 110  Principles Of Information Systems
CIS 120 Computer Maintenance And A+ Certification CSIS 120 Computer Maintenance And A+ Certification
CIS 125 Network+ Certification CSIS 125 Network+ Certification
CIS 140 Databases CSIS 180 Fundamentals of Database Design
CIS 190 Windows Operating System CSIS 112 Windows Operating System
CIS 191 Linux Operating Systems CSIS 113 Introduction to Linux
CIS 211 Web Development I CSIS 132 Introduction to Web Development
CIS 213 Web Development II (Spring) CSIS 133 Intermediate Web Development
CIS 215 JavaScript Web Programming (Spring) CSIS 135 JavaScript Programming (Fall)
CIS 267 Directed Work Experience In CIS (Spring) CSIS 281 or 282 Directed Work Experience in CSIS (Fall - note corequisites)
CIS 291 Linux System Administration CSIS 213 Linux System Administration
CS 119 Program Design And Development CSIS 119 Introduction to Computer Programming
CS 181 Introduction To C++ Programming CSIS 296 Introduction to C†† Programming
CS 182 Introduction To Java Programming CSIS 293 Introduction to Java Programming
CS 281 Intermediate C++ Programming And Fundamental Data Structures CSIS 297 Intermediate C†† Programming (Spring)
CS 282 Intermediate Java Programming And Fundamental Data Structures CSIS 294 Intermediate Java Programming and Fundamental Data Structures


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