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Web development is a broad term for the work involved in developing a website. This can include design, needs assessment, content development, HTML and CSS coding, client-side programming (JavaScript), and Server-side programming/database integration (PHP, MySQL), and more. Modern design and development




all platforms and devices (phones, tablets, etc.).


Web developers can be found working in all types of organizations, including large corporations and governments, small and


medium sized


companies, or alone as freelancers. Some web developers work for one organization as a permanent full-time employee, while others may work as independent consultants, or as contractors for an employment agency.


According to data provided by California Labor Market Information Department (2018),  San Diego County area Web Development job opportunities are expected to grow by 6.5% in the next 10 years (16% in the state). These jobs pay a median hourly salary of $20.88 in the region.  Please see the


Occupation Overview


for details.


Web Development Classes - Suggested Sequence

Begin with the introductory courses that are prerequisites for other courses.  These courses are offered in fall and in spring.

  • CIS 211:  Web Development I
  • GD 105:  Digital Media
  • CS 119,


    119L:  Program Design And Development
  • CIS 140


    (Databases) is offered in fall and should be taken before CIS 219.  This class has no prerequisites, but if you are not somewhat familiar with spreadsheets or databases, you could take CIS 110 first. 

After you take these classes, take:

  • CIS 213:  Web Development II  (take CIS 211 first)
  • CIS 215:  JavaScript (take CIS 211 and CS 119 first)
  • CIS 219:  PHP/MySQL (take CIS 211 and CIS 140 and CS 119 first)

Your final semester, take one of these to prepare for work:

  • CIS 225: Capstone
  • CIS 267:  Work Experience


Semester 1  CIS 211:  Web Development I
(offered fall and spring)
GD 105:  Digital Media
(offered fall and spring)
CS 119, 119L:  Program Design And Development
(offered fall and spring)
Semester 2 CIS 215:  JavaScript
(offered spring)
CIS 140: Databases
(offered fall)
CIS 213:  Web Development II
(offered spring)
Semester 3 CIS 219:  PHP/MySQL
(offered fall)
elective elective
Semester 4 CIS 267: Work Experience
(offered spring)
OR CIS 225
(offered fall)


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