Associate Dean of Student Services and Special Programs



  • EOPS Counselors
  • EOPS Adjunct Counselors
  • EOPS/CARE Student Services Specialists
  • EOPS/CARE Program Specialist
  • EOPS Peer Advisors
  • CARE Coordinator
  • Next UP Coordinator/EOPS Counselor
  • NextUP/UP! Student Services Specialist
  • RISE Program Coordinator
  • UP! Coordinator


  • DSPS Coordinator
  • DSPS Counselors
  • DSPS Speech and Language Specialist
  • DSPS High Tech Center, Alternate Media and Access Specialist
  • DSPS Adjunct Counselors
  • DSPS Student Services Specialist
  • DSPS Student Services Assistant
  • DSPS Learning Assistance Center Specialist
  • DSPS Test Proctor


  • CalWORKs S.T.E.P.S. Program Coordinator
  • CalWORKs Student Services Specialist
  • CalWORKs Account Clerk
  • CalWORKs Counselor
  • CalWORKs Adjunct Counselors


Committee Responsibilities:

  • Administrative Leadership Advisory Team
  • Engagement and Validation Advisory Group
  • Resource Operations Council
  • Student Services Leadership Advisory Team
  • Student Services Rapid Response Team
  • Student Success and Equity Council
  • EOPS/CARE Advisory Committee
  • Region X EOPS Directors

Statewide Membership:

  • California Community Colleges EOPS Association

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