New Way to Complete and Submit Financial Aid Documents for 2021-2022

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There is a new way for you to complete and submit your 2021-2022 financial aid documents in an easier and more secure fashion. This new way is through StudentForms by CampusLogic.

You will need to create a CampusLogic account using the link below. The account you create will be checked against the information from your FAFSA application so please remember to enter your demographic information when creating your CampusLogic account just as you entered it on your FAFSA application. After you create your account and successfully login to CampusLogic, you will see what documents are required and instructions on how to complete and submit them. You will also be able to securely upload pictures, pdf documents and other attachments (such as IRS Tax Return Transcripts).


The CampusLogic account/login screen may be accessed at the following site:


                                                                              Campus Logic                                                                               


If you are required to submit documents, you will receive an email from Cuyamaca Financial Aid that will provide you with information on how to create your CampusLogic account to access your documents.


If you need help creating or accessing your CampusLogic account, please contact us at our FA Help Desk.


10am – 12pm & 1pm – 3pmiday:
10am - 12pm



2021-2022 Forms NOT available on Campus Logic

If you would like to submit documents to the Financial Aid Office, please e-mail the Financial Aid Office make sure to follow these guidelines for submitting  documents via e-mail.



Other Information

If you are submitting documents , it is currently taking 8-12 business days to post them in your WebAdvisor Application Status for financial aid. 



2020-2021 Academic Year

(Fall 2020, Spring 2021 and Summer 2021)


2020-2021 Verification Worksheets: Worksheets for the 2020-2021 award year are available for students to review and download by checking the Financial Aid Application Status  via WebAdvisor.
  •  Additional Financial Information

  •  Consent to Release Information
  • Consortium Agreement - Fall 2020
  • Consortium Agreement - Spring 2021
  • Consortium Agreement - Summer 2021
  • COUN 095 Academic/Financial Aid Planning Class
  • Direct Loan Request 
  • Loan Discharge/Loan Limit Exceeded/Fraud Alert
  • Petition: Exceeded Maximum Unit Limit
  • Petition: GPA < 2.0 / Did not complete required units
  • Petition: GPA Pace / more than 19 units deficient
  • Prior Year Income Certification
  • Statement of Fact
  • Unusual Enrollment History
  • Verification of Citizenship
  • Verification of Default / Overpayment
  • Verification of Homeless Status
  • Verification of Immigration Status
  • Verification of Independent Status
  • Verification of Registration for Selective Service

Please complete your PDF forms completely.

If you are unsure of the form(s) you need to fill out, you can Check Your Financial Aid Status,  go online to Web Advisor to check the status of your file, or email the Financial Aid Office.


NOTE: All of the documents listed/displayed below can be downloaded in the Adobe PDF file format. Once downloaded, they can be viewed or printed using the free Adobe Acrobat Reader available at no charge from the Adobe web site.



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