Sunbeam / Morning Glory Rooms

2.5 years to 5 years

playA developmentally appropriate curriculum is well thought out and

designed to encourage the development of pre-academic skills in a play based environment. Although many parents are familiar with a direct instruction model of teaching, it is proven that children learn best when teachers and families reinforce their emerging interest and knowledge through their play. This approach to early learning acknowledges the reality of, and accommodates for, the different learning styles and developmental levels of individual children. Through a play based environment, children are engaged in activities specifically designed to enhance their understanding of mathematical concepts, written and spoken language, reasoning and problem solving skills. As they experience success, they grow in confidence and ability which fires their enthusiasm to learn.


At the CCDC we feel a child’s social and emotional development is enhanced through encouraging each child at their developmental level by supporting their independence and capabilities. Children who are successful in social interactions and supported in a developmentally appropriate setting are better prepared for classroom situations. Children who possess confidence, and abilities to work well in a group, and be independent have a good foundation for learning.