Enrollment and Eligibility


The center is available to families of students, staff, and faculty of Cuyamaca College along with community members. The center is open according to the academic calendar. When there is an enrollment opening at the Center, the family will be notified. Waiting Pool Applications are kept for one year and must be renewed every April.

Link to Student Waiting Pool Application

Student Eligibility:
Families who are attending Cuyamaca or surrounding higher education must be enrolled in twelve (12) units each semester if not working, or six (6) units if working. Families who qualify for subsidized child care must complete a waiting pool application along with required income verification. Subsidized child care benefits is determined by the State of California. 

Link to Community Waiting Pool Application


Community Eligibility:
Community families who consist of staff and faculty are encouraged to take a tour of our facility, along with completing a waiting pool application.


Link to 2023 School Calendar


Other services are provided:

  • We encourage families to become involved in our programs.  Opportunities for involvement include:
         - participation on one of our Parent Advisory Committees
         - parenting classes/seminars
         - special family events
  • We provide referrals to community agencies and resources.
  • We conduct assessments and, when appropriate, we offer referrals  to intervention services. 
  • We provide breakfast, lunch, and snacks with compliance of the CACFP.
  • CACFP Media release and Guideline