Updating Your Apple ID


We are updating our Apple Device management system to provide better support and service as well as Single Sign On (unified password) capabilities. Apple requires that we start from a “clean slate”, which means that anyone who has previously tied their @GCCCD email address to an Apple ID must change to a non @GCCCD email instead. Once the update is completed (approximately 2 months), current staff may setup a new Apple ID using their @GCCCD address on District managed devices. Please see the below guide for instruction and contact your helpdesk with any questions.

What is an Apple ID?


Your Apple ID is the account you use to access any Apple devices (Ipad, Iphone) and make purchases from the App store.  It is tied to an email and password used when logging into the account. You can check your ID by going to settings on your device, and clicking your profile at the top - the email is listed under your name.


What action is required?


You will need to change the @GCCCD email address associated with your Apple ID to a personal email address. The only change will be the email address tied to your Apple ID account. This will not affect any other setting, file or password associated with your Apple device, Apple ID account, email accounts or computer. 


Frequently asked questions

  • Does this affect me?
    This affects anyone who has used an @GCCCD address as the email for their Apple ID only. If you have used a personal email for your Apple ID but have Outlook/GCCCD email setup on your phone, you won't be affected.
  • Why is this change being made?
    A centralized device management system allows us to manage app and settings deployment en masse and remotely on all Apple Devices. This is also a necessary step towards unifying our campus usernames/passwords so they are linked across applications (single sign on). To accomplish this, all @GCCCD Apple ID’s must be reclaimed and enrolled in the new system so they can be managed by the District.
  • Will this damage my account or change how I use my device / email / computer?
    This WILL NOT affect your @GCCCD email account or its password in any way
    This WILL NOT change the way you check your email or access your computer
    This WILL NOT change or delete anything (apps, photos, etc) on your Apple devices, computer or email.
  • What happens if I don’t change the @GCCCD email linked with my Apple ID?
    You will receive notices to your @GCCCD email address for 2 months and then your Apple ID will automatically be converted to a temporary email address - Login information for which will be sent to your @GCCCD email account. Your Apple account WILL NOT be deleted.
  • I use this Apple account for work, do I have to change?
    Yes. Contact the helpdesk if you wish to return to your @GCCCD email address after the process is complete (2 months). It is not possible to “switch back” but we can assist current staff/faculty in creating a similar account on a District Managed Device.
  • What email should I switch to and what if I don’t have another address?
    You can use any non @GCCCD email account. If you need to create one, please see the guide below.
  • What if I need an exception or more time?
    Unfortunately, the process is automated and once it begins it applies to all accounts. No exceptions can be made.

How to update your Apple ID


This guide will walk you through changing the email that is associated with your Apple ID. If you need to create a new email address as well, please see "Register for a New Email Address" below. 

NOTE: The helpdesk is unable to assist with this process and does not have access to your Apple ID password or security information. If you have issues logging in please click the “Forgot Apple ID” link under the login box or view Apple’s login support (link) or 2-factor authentication support (link).


  1. Visit appleID.apple.com and sign in using your current @GCCCD Apple ID email and Apple password
    • This is the password that you setup when you initially created the Apple ID, it is not necessarily the same as your campus password. If you are unable to login please see the support links at the top of this section.

  2. Click on “Edit” in the account information box

  3. Click on “change apple ID” and enter a personal email address (non @GCCCD) that you would like to use for the account.
    • If you need to create a new email account, please see the guide below
  4. You will be sent a verification code to the new email account you entered. Check the inbox for that account, then enter the code and select continue.

  5. You should receive a message that you have successfully changed your email address and may click “done” to close the window. You will now use this new email as your Apple ID when you sign into Apple devices (ipad, iphone, app store). Please note, that your devices may require you to sign-in again once this process is complete.

Register for a new email address

This guide will walk you through creating a new personal email address. I have chosen Gmail, but any email service will work. Once complete, this address can be linked to your Apple ID and also functions as a traditional email. If you would ever like to send email or check the inbox for this account, visit www.gmail.com and login with the username and password created in step 1.


NOTE: This is a personal email account and is not affiliated with GCCCD. The helpdesks will not have access to your password or account information. Should you choose to enter any fictitious personal details as part of this sign-up, make sure to write them down as they will be needed if you forget your password in the future.


  1. Visit accounts.google.com/SignUp to begin setup of your account. You will need to enter:
    1. Your Name
    2. Pick a username for your email. This is the portion of the email address before the @ sign. 
      eg: mynewemail@gmail.com.

  2. The next page is for personal information. If you choose to provide a phone number, a cell phone or device that receives texts is best. You will need to enter:
    1. Phone Number (optional) – to receive texts if you enable extra security (2-factor authentication.
    2. Recovery Email (optional) – an alternate email address that can receive password reset information if you are locked out of your account
    3. Birthdate
    4. Gender

  3. Agree to the terms and conditions

  4. You have successfully setup a GMAIL account  and your email address can now be used to change your Apple ID. 

NOTE: Your password for Gmail is not necessarily the same as your Apple ID, the accounts are not linked beyond using the same email address. Please make note of your Gmail password as well as your Apple ID password.