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Studies have shown that collaboration between industry partners and higher education results in a more prepared workforce and a better regional economic outlook. At Cuyamaca College, our Career Education Programs are designed to meet regional and national industry needs. Industry partnerships help us stay current on those needs and provide future planning for how to prepare our students. Becoming a collaborative partner allows your expertise and ideas to influence our programs and provide skilled and prepared employee candidates.


Industry partnerships are involved in the following areas:


Advisory Boards

Each of Cuyamaca's career education programs hosts an Advisory Board comprising employers and industry leaders who help the college to stay abreast of the needs and nature of its primary service area. These advisory boards help shape program curriculum and provide valuable information and feedback on the efficacy of the college’s offerings, as well as the current conditions of the state’s varied business and industries.



Students learn to apply their skills in real world work environments through internships, or work experience. Our programs  allow students to work for you while getting college credit (75 hours paid or 60 hours unpaid work experience per unit). This allows you to assess and help students apply skills in desirable work habits, attitudes and career proficiency. Because they are a student, insurance and work experience management are provided by Cuyamaca College. Companies often hire their interns after the course because they realize their value and work ethic, but that is not a requirement.


Career Events

We provide our students with regular career events such as workshops, career fairs and career skills training to help make them better career candidates. Expertise of industry members is beneficial because students can relate to the real world experience you bring. Whether it is as a guest speaker on a particular topic in a workshop or representation at a career fair, you will help make a difference with our students and your industry.


Industry Training

By partnering with local business and industry, our career education programs are able to enhance our community’s economic growth through cost-effective, targeted training that is relevant and performance based.  Our quality training programs can be effective and cost saving alternatives to outside training companies. We can work with you to provide the best solutions to your training needs such as:

  • Upgrade skills in your workforce like business office technology, EHSM, and more.
  • Technical programs designed to train your future workforce.
  • Training in computer information and network certification,  office computer software and many more.

If you are interested in knowing more about becoming an industry partner with Cuyamaca College Career Education, please contact our Employer Relations Liaison, Monica Rosas at


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