Career Education Services and Team

The Career Education Division provides a variety of services for student and campus wide instructional faculty through our division and through the Career Center on campus. These services include career exploration, faculty curriculum and program support, CliftonStrengths and MBTI assessments, industry liaison, career preparation and skills guidance for all students and faculty at Cuyamaca. Select a tab below to learn more about our services.


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Career Center

Career Education  is a collaborative partner with  Student Services in providing the Career Center, which is a partnership of Student Services and Instruction. We are located in the career Center to provide Job Placement, Work-Based Learning and Career Exploration services.

Career Workshops

Career Workshops are available through the Career Center or individually from our Work-Based Learning Coordinator and Job Placement Case Manager.  You can view online career workshops at this link.

For information regarding a classroom or other presentation, please contact:

Angela Tilley-Ruiz, Job Placement Case Manager

Career Education offers assessments for students to help them focus on where their strengths and interests lie.

The CliftonStrengths assessment helps you discover what you naturally do best and learn how to develop your greatest talents.

The Myers-Briggs Type Indicator assessment helps you to identify how your personality shapes your decisions and your real world among other categories.

More assessments are available and outlined on the Career Center page.

For more information about these assessments and how you can benefit, contact: 


Angela Tilley-Ruiz, Job Placement Case Manager
Maci Gerber, Work-Based Learning Coordinator
Job Placement

Angela Tilley-Ruiz is our Job Placement Case Manager, and she supports students in securing jobs with sustainable wages linked to their fields of study. Angela offers support and job-readiness training to Cuyamaca College students and alumni through individual career coaching, workshops on campus, classroom presentations, and employment events. She offers support in the job and career search, networking skills, resume and cover letter reviews, interviewing techniques, and developing 21st Century Skills.

The Job Placement Case Manager helps businesses stay competitive by hiring the most prepared and engaged employees. This affects key business outcomes such as high productivity, profitability, and customer satisfaction. With engaged employees, employers see lower turnover rates, less safety incidents, and lower absenteeism in the workplace.

Angela Tilley-Ruiz is Gallup CliftonStrengths and 21st Century World of Work Certified.
For more information contact Angela at

You can also visit the Job Placement Case Manager web site at:

Job Placement Web Page

Work-Based Learning

Work-Based Learning provides students with the opportunity to connect what they are learning in the classroom to real world experiences. WBL encourages students to learn about work with career awareness and exploration, learn through work with practicum and internships, and learn for work with training and experiences directly related to a specific career field.

The Work-Based Learning program supports faculty to enrich their curriculum and deepen classroom learning by embedding real world educational experiences and applicable 21st Century Skills to prepare students for today’s career opportunities.

Faculty and students wishing to learn more about Work-Based Learning activities should contact Cuyamaca Work-Based Learning Coordinator Maci Gerber at

You can also visit the Work-Based Learning web page at


Our Career Education Team:


Angela Tilley-Ruiz
Angela Tilley-Ruiz
Angela is the Job Placement Case Manager, and is available to offer all students career preparation guidance.
Maci Gerber
Maci Gerber
Maci is the Work-Based Learning Coordinator and works with students and faculty to develop Cuyamaca WBL.
Heba Almasraf
Heba Almasraf
Heba provides invaluable technical and presentation support and assistance to our team.

Kate Miller

Kate Miller

Kate is the Career Education Transition Specialist and manages articulation processes and support to the division.

Vanessa Murrell
Vanessa Murrell

Vanessa provides grant administration management  and coordinates activities for the Center for Water Studies.

Vicki VanStone
Vicki VanStone

Vicki is the Divisional Administrative Assistant to the Dean