Work-Based Learning

 Maci Gerber



Maci Gerber, M.S.
Work-Based Learning Coordinator
Phone: 619-660-4736



Work-Based Learning provides students with the opportunity to connect what they are learning in the classroom to real world experiences. WBL encourages students to learn about work with career awareness and exploration, learn through work with practicum and internships, and learn for work with training and experiences directly related to a specific career field.

The Work-Based Learning program supports faculty to enrich their curriculum and deepen classroom learning by embedding real world educational experiences and applicable 21st Century Skills to prepare students for today’s career opportunities.


Faculty and students wishing to learn more about Work-Based Learning activities should contact Cuyamaca Work-Based Learning Coordinator Maci Gerber.


Mission Statement:

The Cuyamaca College Work-Based Learning program empowers students to reach their career goals with hands-on experiences, development of in-demand workplace skills and interactions with industry professionals in alignment with their academic curriculum to provide equity and access in preparation for the world of work.


Work Based Learning Career Workshops pdf file 



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