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The research team within the Institutional Effectiveness, Success, and Equity (IESE) Office provides information to enable data-driven decisions that support student success and equity. This transparent availability of information helps decision-makers at all levels (including, but not limited to students, faculty members, classified professionals, and administrators) identify practices and processes that effectively enhance the holistic student experience for our diverse student community. Our work is intentionally inclusive and focused on increasing the accessibility and timely use of data to continuously improve student outcomes. In addition, we are committed to enhancing the Cuyamaca College mission  by being innovative and integrated with other institutional departments.


The Institutional Research team closely coordinates with the Grossmont-Cuyamaca Community College District (GCCCD) Research, Planning, and Institutional Effectiveness (RPIE) Office to effectively fulfill the College's research and data needs.


Recent Project Highlights

Spring 2024 Career Education Program Report

Fall 2023 Cuyamaca College Attendance Survey Results - Overview

Fall 2022 Statewide College Attendance Survey Results

Fall 2021 Return-to-Campus Planning Survey Results - Overview

Fall 2021 Return-to-Campus Planning Survey Results - Full Report



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Unduplicated Headcount

Unduplicated Headcount Dashboard

Click here to view our district-wide interactive dashboard that highlights the demographics and characteristics of the students we serve each semester.

Course Success Dashboards

Course Success Dashboards

Click here to view our interactive dashboards that highlight equity gaps in our success rates at the discipline and course levels.


Certificates and Degrees Dashboards

Certificates and Degrees Dashboards

Click here to view our interactive dashboards that include information about the certificates and degrees awarded at Cuyamaca College over the past five years

Report and Dashboard Finder

Report and Dashboard Finder

Click here to explore our Report and Dashboard Finder, which includes publicly available reports and dashboards from the following sources: The California Community Colleges Chancellor's Office (CCCCO), the California State University (CSU) system, the University of California (UC) system, and the Grossmont-Cuyamaca Community College District (GCCCD).


Student Success (Simplified) Metrics
CCCCO Data Mart

CCCCO Data Mart

The CCCCO Data Mart is a database of many college metrics for each college in the state for each academic year. These include demographic data on faculty, staff, and students, student service metrics, courses/sections offered, students success, transfer and wages.

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CCCCO Student Equity Plan Data

CCCCO Student Equity Plan Data (2022-2025)

The CCCCO provides data for each of the five SEP metrics: Enrollment, Throughput, Persistence, Completion, and Transfer. Click here  to explore the data for Cuyamaca College's 2022-2025 Student Equity Plan.

Key Performance Indicators: Dashboards
GCCCD Colleague Reports

GCCCD Colleague Reports 

(only available on campus and should be accessed via Internet Explorer on faculty or staff workstations)


Guided Pathways Information
Transfers to Four-Year Institutions
Career Education (CE) Information

Career Education (CE) Information

Career Technical Information (CTE) Economic Impact Reports

Cuyamaca College

San Diego and Imperial Counties Community Colleges

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CTE Outcomes Survey: Home

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CTE Outcomes Survey Visualizations

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CTE Outcomes Survey Tool: Cal-PASS Plus (login required)

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Completed Reports
 Research Guidelines

Research Guidelines


To guide the College's data use, stewardship, and research as a whole, the Institutional Effectiveness Council (IEC) developed Cuyamaca College Research Guidelines. Please review these guidelines before submitting a request for research or conducting a survey of students on campus. If you have any questions, please contact Bri Hays, Senior Dean of Institutional Effectiveness, Success, and Equity, at

 Research Requests

Research Requests

The IESE Office serves as the campus liaison to the District RPIE Office. We strive to serve the entire campus community through collaborative research and inquiry. In partnership with the District RPIE Office and our campus practitioners, we manage several concurrent projects at any given time. The research projects that are most highly prioritized are those that are central to core college processes and initiatives, such as accreditation, program review and integrated planning, strategic planning, statewide programs and initiatives, and grant project evaluation. Ad hoc requests are prioritized based on factors such as external deadlines, relevance to the College’s strategic plan, and intended utilization of research results. To initiate an ad hoc research request, please complete the Cuyamaca College Research Request form. The IESE Office will review and prioritize ad hoc requests on a monthly basis in collaboration with the College’s Institutional Effectiveness Council and/or the RPIE Office.


If you are a doctoral or master's student interested in initiating an external research request, please review Research and Ethics Review Committee guidelines and complete Cuyamaca College External Research Request Form.


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Professional Associations

Professional Associations


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