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Welcome to the Cuyamaca College Program Review Homepage!


 program review deadline 12/15/2023


Please note that all program reviews are submitted online. Word versions of the templates are posted below for response planning purposes. 


If you are a program chair/coordinator and/or program review author and need access to your program review online form but have not received the link, please contact the Institutional Effectiveness, Success, and Equity Office at


For questions about your program review, please contact your Program Review Support Team (linked below) or the PRSC Co-Chairs:

Bri Hays (, Nancy Jennings (, and Liza Ashak (


Program Review Templates

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  • For questions about program review content or questions, please contact your PRSC Support Team.
  • Need assistance with data for your program review? Contact the IESE Office
  • Need help accessing the online program review form? Contact the IESE Office


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Data to Inform Your Program Review

Data for each instructional program review are provided by the Institutional Effectiveness, Success, and Equity (IESE) Office (accessible via the links below). A data glossary with definitions for each measure of productivity/efficiency is available here.

Program Review Evaluation Guides (Rubrics)
Comprehensive Program Review Schedule

Take a look at our program review rotation/schedule to find our whether you are due to complete a comprehensive program review (if your program is not listed for this year, you are due for an annual update only).

Previously-Submitted Program Reviews & Resource Requests
Program Review & Resource Request Training and Guidance
About Program Review at Cuyamaca College

Program Review Process at Cuyamaca College

Program review at Cuyamaca College serves as the major vehicle for unit-level planning, evaluation, and improvement. Each year, instructional programs, student services areas, and administrative departments reflect on unit achievements, review student and service area-related data to assess progress toward unit-level goals, and establish long-term or annual plans for improvements. Every four years, programs and service areas complete a comprehensive program review followed by three program review annual updates to share progress. During the program review process, programs and service areas set goals (or update them) and request resources needed to achieve those goals. Check our our Integrated Planning Process for more detailed information.


In February 2019, the Program Review Steering Committee (PRSC) was launched to guide college-wide program review processes. For more information on the PRSC, visit the PRSC Intranet page.

Program Review Annual Reports & Feedback Reports
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Faculty Position Requests/Faculty Hiring Prioritization Process

Classified Staff Position Requests/Classified Staffing Hiring Prioritization Process

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