Exempt means that you have a medical condition, are caring for an ill family member, are age 62 or older, or have a new baby.  This is a County designated status that requires a CW61 form signed by a doctor be submitted for approval.  Exempt means you are not required to fulfill the Welfare-to-Work (WTW) requirements or participation hours and do not have a worker at either PCG or Equus (ResCare) to receive county-provided supportive services*.  As long as you are exempt, your 48-month clock stops; however, you are not entitled to the WTW supportive services.


If funding permits, the Cuyamaca CalWORKs program can provide supportive services to exempt students.  All exempt students must have a declared major and a long term plan on file.  We also require a copy of the CW61 form annually to be turned in for all medical or caretaker exemptions. 


NOTE: Check with a CalWORKs staff member for changes to exempt procedures due to COVID-19.


Services for exempt students may include:

•    Books: You must have an authorized book request from our office in order to receive your books at the Cuyamaca College Bookstore.  You must wait 48 hours before going to get your books.  Pick out your books, take them to the cashier, show your book request, and the cost will be charged to us.  You can only purchase the items on your book request (required books or other required materials like a calculator).  You cannot buy recommended books or other items at the bookstore.  You will be charged for anything else that you purchase.  

•    Parking Permit: All students receiving the California College Promise Grant (formerly BOGW) fee waiver are eligible for a reduced parking fee. Order your parking permit online through WebAdvisor, bring in a copy of the order or print it in our office.  We will authorize the release of the permit at the Cashier’s Office and the cost will be charged to us.

•    Childcare: We can only pay for childcare if your child is at the Cuyamaca College Child Development Center.  If you need assistance with childcare, you should consider volunteering for WTW.

•    Gas Cards:  If funding permits, you will be eligible to receive a gas card each month during the Fall, Spring and Summer semesters. You must be enrolled in at least 6 units of on-campus classes to receive cards for gas.

* You have the option to volunteer for WTW in order to receive county-provided supportive services.  You will not be held to the weekly participation hours requirement.  However, you will still need to turn in a 116 form every month to show the hours that you are doing.  To volunteer, you must either call ACCESS (1-866-262-9881) or go to a Family Resource Center to make the request.  You will then be referred to a WTW contractor (PCG or ResCare) for orientation and assignment of a worker.  The WTW contractor will then take care of all of your supportive services.  We can help you with the above services until you are assigned a worker.  Note: Exempt volunteers may be eligible for CalWORKs work study.

Great Plates (food delivery for seniors and people with disabilities)