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Cuyamaca College/Education Related Information:

        The CalWORKs Association is a non-profit volunteer organization that supports all the community

        colleges in California that have a CalWORKs program for advocacy, training, student recognition,

        and student scholarships.  The have partnered with CalWORKs advocates to effect change in law

        in regards to CalWORKs students and their families.  An annual training conference is held each

        year that college staff and counselors, county staff, CDSS staff, legal services, and students are

        invited to attend.  Check out the website for more information for the next conference.  They also

        produce a publication each year, CalWORKs Student Voices, to highlight our students that is sent

        to legislators and college administrators.  We are very proud of our students.  Look on the website

        for the online version.  Students who send in an entry for CalWORKs Student Voices are eligible

        for a $500 scholarship in several categories.  We always let our students know when the new

        application is open and can assist you with the required essay.  We want to know your story and

        how CalWORKs has helped you meet your educational and life goals.

  • CalWORKs Association Student Voices
    • This is the annual publication of CalWORKs student stories.  Students are invited to apply for a $500 scholarship and share their story using one of the affinity group prompts.  They are encouraged to share a picture of themselves and their family.  The stories are then published in a publication that is used to show legislators how CalWORKs students are changing their families lives through the support of college CalWORKs programs.  The Cuyamaca CalWORKs office will let students know when applications are open for the next scholarship opportunity.
    • 2021 Student Voices Publication 
  • Western Center on Law and Poverty

        Western Center on Law and Poverty is one of those CalWORKs advocates that sponsor bills to

        make improvements for low income Californians.  Through the lens of economic and racial justice,

        they litigate, educate, and advocate around health care, housing, and public benefits policies and

        administration.  They produce a guide for students that provides information on the rights of

        students on welfare.  You can receive a copy of this guide for free from the Cuyamaca CalWORKs

        office.  Just ask us.  We also invite a WCLP lawyer to San Diego at least once a year where they

        go through that student guide and provide updates in the law for the benefit of students and

        college staff. 



Health & Human Services/CalWORKs information

Housing and Shelter Information

Utility Assistance

Financial Wellness and Tax Assistance

  • Home-Start Program                                                                                         Phone: (619) 401-8375
  • United Way                                                                                                               Phone: (858) 492-2000

Food Assistance

Mental Health Services

Domestic Violence

 Legal/Mediation Services

  • CSA, San Diego County Services                                                                 Phone: (619) 444-5700
  • Legal Aid                                                                                                                     Phone: (877) 534-2524
  • License to Freedom                                                                                             Phone: (619) 813-7415
  • University of San Diego-Free Legal Assistance                                Phone: (619) 260-7470

Child Care Services

Family/Child Related

Self Care

 U.S. Citizenship

Related Resources

Apply & Enroll

CARE Program (for low income single parents with a child under age 14 receiving CalWORKs)

College Catalog & Class Schedule

EOPS (for low income educationally disadvantaged students)

Next Up (for current and former foster youth)

Unlimited Potential! (Up!) Program (former foster youth)


Financial Aid