Current CalWORKs Student Procedures


Check back here often for updates to our procedures.  Feel free to contact us by email at with any questions.  You can also call the office at 619-660-4340 and leave a message.  A staff member will contact you.

Intake Paperwork

Intake paperwork is required every academic year.  Go to the Forms tab to download them.  They are PDF documents that can be filled out online using Adobe.  If you do not have Adobe, it is a free program that can be downloaded here.  Save the individual forms and email them to us at


Here are two procedures for filling out PDF documents.  Which one you use depends on the version of Adobe you have:


  1. Open PDF file
  2. Click "View"
  3. Click “Tools”
  4. Next, choose ‘’Fill & Sign”
  5. Click "Open"
  6. Create text box where you want to insert information and on the signature line to type your name
  7. Save the PDF and then you can email it


  1. Open PDF file
  2. Click “Tools” on the top left corner
  3. Next, choose ‘’Edit PDF”
  4. Click “Add Text”
  5. Create text box on the signature line
  6. Type your name
  7. Save the PDF and email it

If you have a printer, you can print the forms, fill them out, and then email us a photo of the form.  Make sure the form is legible in the photo.  If it is not, we'll need to have you take a new photo.

Financial Aid (FAFSA)

In order to receive financial aid, you must fill out the FAFSA every year starting on October 1.  Click here  for the FAFSA application.  Click here  to go to the Financial Aid webpage where you can find much more information.  CalWORKs staff will not give you any advice about financial aid other than to direct your questions to the Financial Aid Department.  Every student is assigned a Financial Aid Advisor to get specific individual questions answered.  Click here to find your advisor.


The majority of CalWORKs students are eligible for the enrollment fee waivers called California College Promise Grant(CCPG) (formerly BOGW).  The waiver is for low income students.  You must fill out the FAFSA to qualify for it.  You may also be eligible for all other fees to be waived.  If you find that you are being charged any fees, let us know.  The CalWORKs office can provide documentation to the Financial Aid Office to have these fees reversed or, if you have paid the fees, issue a refund.  Note: GCCCD students that do not pay fees will get an email stating that you will be dropped if you do not pay the fees.  CalWORKs students who have filled out the FAFSA and received the CCPG do not need to pay these fees.  You will not be dropped.  However, you do need to let us know that you've received that email for us to be able to correct this for you.  Please email us at or call the office at 619-660-4340 and leave a message.  A staff member will contact you to arrange this. 

CalWORKs Information Sessions

These sessions happen by Zoom on the first Wednesday of each month at 12:30 p.m.  This is a chance to ask staff and counselors questions to get immediate answers.  It also gives us a chance to check in with you and how you are doing.  We are able to provide translation for Arabic and Spanish speakers as needed.  Invites with a registration link will be sent out by email to active CalWORKs students the week before the next session.

New Student Orientation

The New Student Orientation is where you learn about the CalWORKs Program at Cuyamaca, procedures, services, academic planning, work study, and other important information.  This is required for every new student and you only have to do it once.  If you do not do the orientation, you will lose priority enrollment.


We are not doing in-person orientations at this time due to COVID-19.  We have created a video in Canvas for you to view either in English and in Arabic.  See links below.  We will be notified once you complete the video and then we will update our records that you've done so.


Orientation Link for English Speaking Students:


Orientation Link for Arabic Speaking Students: 

Individual Training Plan (ITP)/Semester Education Plan (SEP)

For every semester you are enrolled, it is required for you to meet with a counselor to prepare your ITP/SEP.  This plan lists the approved courses per your educational objective and the hours for classes, labs, and study time.  Students are allowed one hour of study time per hour of class or lab time.  The ITP is required by the County of San Diego.  It is the authorizing document for you to receive Welfare-to-Work activity hours, required books and materials, childcare, transportation, and other supportive services.  There must be an employable major and/or educational goal listed. 


Schedule a counselor appointment as soon as you receive your registration date and time.  The earlier you do this, the earlier you can get your new Welfare-to-Work plan and your supportive services.  Call the office at 619-660-4340 and leave a message.  A staff member will contact you to schedule the appointment.  Or you can send us an email at and someone will contact you to schedule.


Note: You will receive a copy of your ITP from the counselor that helped you.  However, Cuyamaca College staff will email your current official ITP, class schedule, and transcript to PCG.  PCG will not accept nor ask for the ITP from a student.

Comprehensive Education Plan (CEP)

Comprehensive Education Plans are done to provide a roadmap to help you to get to your educational goal.  It will show the classes that you need to take to complete an associate degree, certificate, or transfer to a university for a bachelor's degree.  Depending on your educational goal, there are general education classes as well as major class you need to take.  There are different requirements for an association degree and a degree for transfer.  Certificate programs do not require general education classes.  A CEP is required for each student.  You will meet with a counselor to work on this together.  If your educational goal changes, you'll need to get a new CEP.  You will be contacted when it is time to do a first or an updated plan to schedule a counseling appointment.  An exempt student cannot receive supportive services unless there is a CEP on file.

Book Requests

Once your ITP has been completed by a counselor with the approved courses required for your Education Plan and we receive your intake paperwork, you will need to get the list of books from WebAdvisor for the current semester.  Use this procedure:

o   Click on My TEXTBOOKS
o   Choose Current semester (fall 2020)
o   This will generate a list of all books that are requested by the instructor.  Only REQUIRED books will

      be approved by the County for you to purchase.

Once you have a list of the REQUIRED books needed, there are three ways you can get your books.  You can buy them yourself and then get reimbursed by PCG or ResCare or buy them after you've received the money to purchase them.  You will need to use a bank card or credit card in your name.

1.  Visit the Cuyamaca College Bookstore website. Select the classes you were approved for and add

      them to your cart.   You will ned to provide your PCG/ResCare worker with a copy of your receipt.

2.  Visit Barnes and Noble, either in store or online.  Make sure you have the list of books you need so

       you can verify the ISBN number.   You will need to provide your PCG/ResCare worker with a copy of

       your receipt.

3.  Purchase your books via Amazon or any other location that has the books that are required for your

      class.  Make sure you have the list of books you need so you can verify the ISBN number.   You will

      need to provide your PCG/ResCare worker with a copy of your receipt.  

Student Supplies During COVID-19

Since our office is closed we cannot issue a supply bag to students as normal.  A student supply package has been arranged with the Cuyamaca bookstore (Barnes & Noble).  We will send a list of active CalWORKs students eligible to receive supplies to the bookstore and only those students will be able to order.  At this time, supply bags through the bookstore are only available to students once an academic year.  Follow these steps to receive school supplies by mail:


1.    Go to college bookstore website.   
2.    Click on “Textbooks” and then “Find Textbooks.”
3.    Under “Term,” choose “Fall 2020.”
4.    Under “Department,” choose “SFA.”
5.    Under “Course,” choose “SFA.”
6.    Under “Section,” choose “Financial.”
7.    On the next page, choose "Buy New.”
8.    Click on “Add 1 item to cart.”
9.    Click on “Cart.”  Follow the instructions to complete your order.

Hours Verification 116 Form

You are required to turn in your activity hours monthly using the 116 form by the 5th of the month to your worker at PCG/ResCare.  NOTE: Since our office is closed, we can no longer accept and stamp off your forms.  You will need to send it to your worker yourself.  If you need an email address for your worker, go to the Resource page and scroll down to the "Health & Human Services" section to find the roster for either PCG or Equus (ResCare). 


The 116 form is available on our forms page.  Click here to go to the Forms tab to download it.  It's available in English and Arabic.  You can save the form and email directly to your worker.  If you have a printer, you can print it, fill it out, and then send a photo of it to your worker.  Make sure the form is legible in the photo.