Services We Provide

We offer the following services and help facilitate supportive services through the County of San Diego and your case worker.  We also advocate for or assist students with issues or questions with case with WTW or County of San Diego staff as requested.


In addition, we provide:

  • Personal, academic, and career counseling
  • Wrap-around support and multiple touch-points per semester
  • Priority registration (ability to register for classes during the first two days of the enrollment period)
  • Student Educational Plan assistance and the ITP (individual Training Plan) required by the County for a student to receive supportive services
  • Coordination of costs for transportation, books and supplies, and emergency costs with the County Health & Human Services
  • Provide school supplies twice a year (i.e., notebooks, pens, pencils, paper, dictionaries or other items needed for your classes at no cost; backpacks when necessary)*
  • Childcare funding at the Cuyamaca College Child Development Center and referrals
  • Tutoring referrals
  • CalWORKs work study opportunities on campus (click here  for information and eligibility requirements)
  • Coordination with your Welfare-to-Work contractor (PCG or ResCare) case worker regarding your Welfare-to-Work plan and 20/30/35-hour work participation activities
  • Assistance with tracking and reporting hours of weekly activities to your case manager (required 116 form)
  • Provide supportive services for students exempt from Welfare-to-Work.  Click here  for more information.
  • Job preparation and placement services

NOTE: We also serve exempt students.  Exempt means you are not required to fulfill the Welfare-to-Work (WTW) requirements and do not have a WTW worker at either PCG or Equus (ResCare) to receive county-provided supportive services.  If funding permits, the Cuyamaca CalWORKs program can provide supportive services to exempt students.  All exempt students must have a declared major and a long term plan on file.  We also require a CW61 form for all medical or caretaker exemptions be turned in once a year.  Click here  for a description of our exempt student services.


* Student supplies during COVID-19: Since students cannot go to campus to pick up supplies, we have made arrangements with Barnes and Noble to mail them out to active students who have completed the first two weeks of the semester.  We will send you an email to expect the delivery of the supplies.  They will be sent out for the fall 2020 semester to last the entire academic year.


Steps to Success:

  1. Fill out intake forms.  Got to Forms page.  Forms are available in English and Arabic.  They can be emailed to the general CalWORKs email:
  2. Schedule an appointment with one of our counselors to develop a Student Educational Plan that also meets your required work participation hours.
  3. Work with our staff to assist you with your textbooks, supplies, childcare, and work study or job placement needs.
  4. Understand and commit to the Student Agreements.
  5. Meet with your PCG or ResCare worker to develop a Welfare-to-Work plan.