Withdrawals & Repayment of Tuition Assistance Fund

Students receiving federal Tuition Assistance who withdraw from all of their classes during the first 60% of a term may be required to repay a portion of the federal funds that they have received. This policy is a result of students having to “earn” his/her Tuition Assistance. Tuition Assistance is “earned” for each day a student is enrolled in the semester.


For example, if a semester starts on August 21 and a student withdraws from all classes on October 23rd, they will have “earned” 63 days’ worth of Tuition Assistance eligibility. The amount they have to repay will be contingent upon the number of days they were enrolled compared to the number of days in the semester. For example, if there are 121 days in the semester, a student would have only earned 52% of the aid they received (63 days/121 days in the term = 52%). If a student had received a $1,500 Tuition Assistance award for the semester, they would have only earned $780 of the Pell Grant ($1,500 x 52% = $780). Because a student has received $720 more financial aid than they “earned” ($1,500 - $780 = $720), they will be required to repay half of the amount they did not earn. The amount they would be required to pay back in this case would be no more than $360.


Please note: If a student fails all of their classes in a term, they will have only earned 50% of the Tuition Assistance that they received and they will be billed for the amount they did not earn. This rule applies even if they were enrolled in classes for the whole term.


If a student is required to repay funds to the federal government, they will be billed and have 45 days to repay the funds in full or to set up a repayment schedule.