Veterans Center 


The Veterans Center is a communal space to help ease the transition of student veterans into the academic setting. It is now a one-stop for all veterans services, including Resource Center, VA Education Benefit Certification, VA Disability Assistance, and Veteran Academic Counseling. The Veterans Center is staffed by a Veteran Coordinator, Veterans Services Specialist, Certifying Official and Academic Counselor along with VA work study students  to ensure that all student veterans receive the adequate help, support, and resources to succeed academically.


Veterans Center services include:

Campus Closure Updates

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Information on Benefits During COVID-19

VA has worked with Congress to preserve GI Bill® benefits for impacted students during this difficult time. The new law allows for VA to continue to pay benefits regardless of the fact that the program has changed from resident training to online training. Also, students will continue to receive the same monthly housing allowance payments that they received for resident training extended to December 21, 2021. These protections will not continue into the Spring 2022.


For updates visit the GI Bill® Facebook Page or Veterans Benefits Twitter Page

Maximize MHA for  Spring 2022

To maximize your MHA, you must be enrolled in at least one resident course and be enrolled as a full-time student.


How To Determine If A Course Is Resident Or Distance Learning For VA Certification

  • A course will be determined as a RESIDENT course for the Spring 2022 term if the course description contains a on-campus location, meeting day and timeStudents must be fully vaccinated or have approved exemption on file to register for these courses.
  • A hybrid course will be determined as RESIDENT course for the Spring 2022 term if the course description contains an on-campus meeting day and time with additional instructional hours/week via internet.  Students must be fully vaccinated or have approved exemption on file to register for these courses.
  • A course will be determined as a DISTANCE course for the Spring 2022 term if the course description DOES NOT contain an on-campus location.

If you are unsure about whether a course is considered “RESIDENT” or “DISTANCE ” for VA certification purposes, please feel free to send an email to our Certifying Official, Debra Ayers.

How to Contact the Veterans Center

Current and Returning Students: If your question doesn't require live assistance, contact us via e-Advising.


  • A Veterans Center staff member will respond to your question within 3 business days.You will need to know your Student ID to access this form.
  • Once your question is answered, you will receive an email notification prompting you to sign back into e-Advising. If you do not receive an email, please proceed by signing back into e-Advising to view the response.


New Students: Contact us via email at

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