Athletic Counseling

Please be advised that these sessions are for student athletes or prospective student athletes. Students who do not fall into this category should refer back to general counseling for assistance. 


Quick Question -15 minute appointments are for the following:

Quick questions

One semester plan (AEP)

Unit overload petition

Help with registering for classes


Class Planning - 30 minute appointments are for the following:

Picking classes, Eligibility

Full two year education plans (semester by semester)

Financial Aid Petitions

Choosing a Major

Career Counseling

Personal Counseling (related to academic success)

Transfer/Graduation planning

Professional Referrals to Community Resources


Follow these steps to schedule your appointment:

  • Visit our Scheduling Portal
  • Log in with your Student ID # and birthdate in the form of MM-DD-YYYY
  • Select the appropriate type of appointment for your needs. 

Appointments are in high demand, please ensure when you are scheduling your appointment that you are able to attend at the given date and time. If you cannot keep your appointment, please sign back into the scheduling portal to cancel.