Education Planning Tools

An education plan (aka “ed plan”) is a semester-by-semester course of study developed in collaboration between a student and counselor. Comprehensive education plans (CEPs) will map towards completion of long-term educational goals. It is suggested that a student develop a CEP within completion of their first 15 units and maintain updated ed plans throughout enrollment at Cuyamaca College.


Note: Education Plans are subject to change whenever there is a change of major, transfer requirements, catalog rights, curriculum and policy changes, etc.

How to get an ed plan:

How to get ready for your ed plan appointment:

  • Complete your onboarding via Self-Service under Orientation, Placement and Advising.
  • Create a list of questions ahead of time.
  • Explore Academic and Career Pathways.
  • If you attended another college, make sure you have submitted all previous transcripts and have had them evaluated.

Are you undecided on a major/career? Make an appointment with a Career Counselor first!

What classes do I need to take...

If you want to get ahead, start selecting your courses before meeting with a counselor. Here is some information about General Education coursework and Major coursework.


for General Education?

for my major?

  • An Associate degree or Certificate, explore Academic and Career Pathways at Cuyamaca College, several programs have degree maps to preview. However, this does not replace the value of a personalized education plan that you develop with a counselor.
  • A Bachelor's degree from the CSU, check to see if Cuyamaca has an Associate Degree for Transfer for your major.
  • A Bachelor's degree from the UC, or if you do not see your CSU major in the list of Associate Degrees for Transfer, then refer to for coursework for your major.
  • A Bachelor's degree from out of state or private university, see if Cuyamaca has an agreement with that university through our Transfer Center.

If you are a new student without a major yet but have interest in a particular Academic and Career Pathway (ACP), refer to the first semester map for that ACP. This will help you get started until you can meet with a counselor for your personalized education plan. First Semester ACP Maps

If you're entirely unsure about your major, refer to the Exploratory first semester map and schedule a counseling appointment.


Education Plan Templates:

One Semester Education PlanSix Semester Education Plan