Frequently Asked Questions


Can faculty complete Professional Development hours any time during the semester?  

  • Yes, faculty can complete Professional Development hours any time during the semester.  
  • Faculty can attend activities during Professional Development Week or submit an External Training Request Form through the  Vision Resource Center  (VRC). After your External Training Request Form is approved and you complete your professional development activity, go back into the VRC and mark it complete.  

 When do faculty have to complete their professional development obligation?  

  • Full-time contract instructors can complete the 20 required hours any time between July 1 and the 12th week of spring semester as long as they are not in direct conflict with an instructor's teaching schedule or office hours. 
  • Full-time contract instructors who are teaching overload and part-time instructors should complete required hours by week 12 of the semester. 

What if a part-time instructor is hired after the first two weeks?

  • Part-time instructors hired after the first two weeks do not need to complete professional Development hours since they were not paid for Professional Development week.  If a class is assigned after the first class meeting, no flex is required.

Is it possible to "bank" or rollover Professional Development? 

  • Full-time faculty have to complete their required hours during each academic year, from July 1 to the 12th week of spring semester. They must complete a total of 20 hours each academic year. The VRC splits this up, listing your PD obligation as 10 hours in the fall semester and 10 hours in the spring semester. 
  • Part-time faculty and full-time faculty with overload have to complete their required hours during each semester. If you completed more hours in the fall semester than required, the extra hours can be applied to your spring semester obligation. 

What if I am unable to complete Professional Development hours due to ongoing or long-term illness?

  • Contact your Dean's office and the Teaching and Learning Coordinator to report the situation. Be sure to state how many Professional Development hours you are claiming for that day. Eight hours is the maximum number of Professional Development hours you can claim in one day.

How many hours of professional development can be completed in one day?

  • You can earn a maximum of eight hours of professional development per day.

Can there be mandatory attendance activities?

  • Currently there are no mandatory Professional Development events. The State Guidelines do not prohibit mandated activities but require specific guidelines and documentation of such events.

What if I complete fewer than the required Professional Development hours?

  • Your salary will be reduced accordingly.

Can I attend Professional Development activities held at Grossmont College?

Can I attend Professional Development webinars or activities at other colleges?

  • Yes, you can attend webinars or activities at other colleges for professional development credit. Complete the External Training Request Form in the Vision Resource Center. If you work at more than one institution, you cannot use the same professional development hours for credit at multiple institutions.

Can I get Professional Development credit for courses or activities I am completing for salary advancement?

  • Courses or activities that are completed for salary advancement cannot be used for professional development credit. 

What if I am unable to complete my approved external training request?

  • If you are unable to complete part of the approved training, please submit a new external training request form with the correct number of hours. If you are not able to complete any of the approved training, you do not need to do anything else. Make sure you complete your external training before marking it complete in the VRC. If you accidentally marked it complete, please contact the VRC Administrator to correct your hours.

Do I have to complete Professional Development during sabbatical leave?

  • You are not required to complete professional development while you are on sabbatical, but you may choose to attend professional development activities during this time. You cannot get professional development credit for activities related to your sabbatical project.

How do I determine how many hours of professional development I have to complete?


Adjunct Faculty and Extra Pay

Full Time Faculty

Hours Required

1 hour for each lecture unit

3 hours for each lab unit

For example, one 3-unit lecture class and one 1-unit lab would come to 6 hours of PD obligation

20 hours per year plus extra pay

Time Frame

Fall: July 1 to the 12th week of class
Spring: week 13 of fall to week 12 of spring semester, or roll over extra hour from fall
Disclaimer: If a part-time faculty member chooses to engage in professional development activities earlier than flex week, and if her/his teaching load is subsequently reduced, she/he is not entitled to be compensated for the extra hours.

July 1 and week 12 of spring semester.




How can I find out if a workshop has been canceled?

  • Visit the Events Calendar in the VRC. Note that sometimes workshops are canceled at the last minute, so please check the online schedule before you attend a workshop.

Can I use Professional Development funds to pay for an event or activity taking place outside of the United States?

  • No, Professional Development funds can only be used to pay for events and activities within the United States. Professional Development fees cannot be paid in foreign currency; fees must be in United States dollars.

What is the process for applying for Professional Development funds?