Workshop Presentations




All workshop proposals are reviewed and approved by the Teaching & Learning Coordinator. The Professional Development committee encourages evening workshops (so part-time faculty may attend) and workshops focused on teaching, learning, success, and equity.  


The committee is especially looking for workshops related to achieving the college's Vision, Mission, & Values, and the four strategic priorities: 


Vision, Mission, Values Strategic Priorities
  • Vision - Equity, Excellence, and Social Justice through Education
  • Mission - Cuyamaca College advances equity and social justice through student-centered and innovative approaches to education. We strive to create unique and meaningful learning experiences that build upon the strengths and socio-cultural experiences of our diverse student population and the communities we serve by providing programs that lead to certificates, degrees, transfer, career  opportunities, and ultimately social and economic mobility.
  • Values - Student-centered, Equity, Student Success, Innovation, Excellence, Social Justice, Community
  • Acceleration
  • Guided Student Pathways
  • Student Validation and Engagement
  • Organizational Health



Presenter Responsibilities

Presenters/facilitators receive two hours Professional Development for every hour of presentation (2 for 1).

  • Submit workshop to the Teaching & Learning Coordinator via the Submit a Workshop form.
  • Participate in the planning and delivery of the workshop.
  • Make all arrangements for handouts, room set-up, and required computer and audiovisual equipment. The Professional Development Committee will assist if given prior notice.
  • Print your attendance roster available in the Vision Resource Center.  Ask you attendees to fill out the online evaluation located on their Learner Transcript in the VRC.  
  • Take Attendance in the VRC.  See video  for further instructions. 
  • If you must cancel, notify the Professional Development Office as soon as possible.
  • If you have any questions about your workshop, please do not hesitate to contact the Coordinator.