Workshop Presentations




All workshop proposals are reviewed and approved by the Teaching and Learning Coordinator. The Professional Development committee encourages evening workshops (so part-time faculty may attend) and workshops focused on teaching, learning, success, and equity.  


The committee is especially looking for workshops related to achieving the college's Vision, Mission, and Values, and strategic priorities: 


Vision, Mission, Values Strategic Priorities
  • Vision - Equity, Excellence, and Social Justice through Education
  • Mission - Cuyamaca College advances equity and social justice through student-centered and innovative approaches to education. We strive to create unique and meaningful learning experiences that build upon the strengths and socio-cultural experiences of our diverse student population and the communities we serve by providing programs that lead to certificates, degrees, transfer, career  opportunities, and ultimately social and economic mobility.
  • Values - Student-centered, Equity, Student Success, Innovation, Excellence, Social Justice, Community
  •  Increase Equitable Access, Persistence, and Completion
  •  Eliminate Equity Gaps in Course Success, Persistence, and Completion
  • Increase hiring and retention of diverse employees


Presenter Responsibilities

  • Submit workshop to the Teaching and Learning Coordinator via the Submit a Workshop form.
  • If there are questions about your presentation the Teaching and Learning Coordinator will contact you.
  • The Teaching and Learning Team will email you the sign-in sheet for you to use during your workshop. We will make sure the meeting attendance is uploaded accurately into the VRC.
  • Take attendance for each meeting you are facilitating
    • For remote or HyFlex meetings, we encourage you to copy the link and drop it in the chat at the beginning and end of your meeting so participants can add themselves to the sign-in sheet.
    • For face-to-face meetings, you can print out the sign-in sheet and have attendees write their names or you can take attendance yourself and add the participant names to the google doc. The names will need to be added to the google doc regardless of how you choose to take attendance.
  • If you must cancel, notify the Teaching and Learning Team as soon as possible.
  • If you have any questions about your workshop, please do not hesitate to contact Cuyamaca Teaching and Learning Team at