Dangers of Fentanyl


What is Fentanyl and Why Fentanyl Testing Strips (FTS)?

Fentanyl is a controlled substance used to treat severe pain. Fentanyl is classified as a synthetic opioid. Fentanyl does have a high risk for addiction and dependence, it can cause respiratory depression and death when taken in high doses or when combined with other substances, especially alcohol, and other illicit drugs to include Heroin or Cocaine.


Why Does this Matter?

  • Fentanyl is a strong synthetic opioid. It is similar to Morphine, but is 50-100 times stronger. Even a small dose can put you at harm of overdosing.
  • Illegal markets are mixing Fentanyl with other drugs such as Heroin, Cocaine, Methamphetamine, and Marijuana. This illegal practice can lead to overdosing and can be fatal.






A fatal amount of Fentanyl next to a Penny


Fentanyl Testing Strips Why Use Them

Harm reduction programs within California aim to prevent drug overdoses. One such way is through Fentanyl Testing Strips (FTS.)


  • FTS are small strips of paper that can detect the presence of Fentanyl in all kinds of drugs to include Cocaine, Methamphetamine, Heroin, etc.
  • FTS provide individuals who use drugs and communities with important information about Fentanyl in the illicit drug supply so they can take steps to reduce risk of overdose.



fts strip


Recovery is possible. Don't wait to get started. Look for information on your local health department's website, or ask your primary care provider for treatment and or referral services available in your area.


Cuyamaca College Health and Wellness Services carries FTS, please call 619-660-4200 for more information.



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