Program Review Data Reports

The Institutional Effectiveness, Success, and Equity (IESE) office produces program review data reports that include the following for each instructional department/program:

  • Unduplicated student headcount and demographics
  • Course success and retention rates (overall, by distance education status, ethnicity, and gender)
  • Productivity (WSCH, FTES, FTEF, Fill Rate; definitions available here)

2021-2022 Discipline-Level Program Review Data


Fall Semesters Spring Semesters




2021-2022 College-wide Program Review Data

Fall Semesters Spring Semesters




Faculty Hiring Priorities Data n: center;"> 

Additional Data Sources for Program Review, Planning, and Resource Request Preparation



The IESE office also provides interactive dashboards that highlight equity gaps in our success rates at the discipline- and course-level. These will be updated with data from the 2020-2021 academic year soon. Use the "Search in table" textbox to find a specific discipline/program or course in the dashboards below: