Program Review Data Reports

The Institutional Effectiveness, Success, and Equity (IESE) office produces program review data reports that include the following for each instructional department/program:

  • Unduplicated student headcount and demographics
  • Course success and retention rates (overall, by distance education status, ethnicity, and gender)
  • Productivity (WSCH, FTES, FTEF, Fill Rate; definitions available here)

2021-2022 Discipline-Level Program Review Data


Fall Semesters Spring Semesters   


2021-2022 College-wide Program Review Data

Fall Semesters Spring Semesters




Faculty Hiring Priorities Data


Additional Data Sources for Program Review, Planning, and Resource Request Preparation



The IESE office also provides interactive dashboards that highlight equity gaps in our success rates at the discipline- and course-level. These will be updated with data from the 2020-2021 academic year soon. Use the "Search in table" textbox to find a specific discipline/program or course in the dashboards below: