Course ID Course Name
MUS-001 Music Fundamentals
MUS-008 Rock, Pop and Soul Ensemble for the Adult Learner
MUS-052 Concert Band for the Adult Learner
MUS-058 Choir for the Adult Learner
MUS-090 Preparatory Performance Studies I
MUS-091 Preparatory Performance Studies II
MUS-104 Introduction to the Music Industry
MUS-105 Music Theory and Practice I
MUS-106 Music Theory and Practice II
MUS-108 Rock, Pop, and Soul Ensemble
MUS-109 Rock, Pop, and Soul Ensemble
MUS-110 Great Music Listening
MUS-111 History of Jazz
MUS-115 History of Rock Music
MUS-116 Introduction to World Music
MUS-117 Introduction to Music History and Literature
MUS-118 Introduction to Music
MUS-119 Cooperative Work Experience in Music Education
MUS-120 Introduction to Music Technology
MUS-121 Music Industry Seminar
MUS-122 Music Industry Seminar
MUS-123 History of Hip-Hop Culture
MUS-126 Class Guitar I
MUS-127 Class Guitar II
MUS-132 Class Piano I
MUS-133 Class Piano II
MUS-136 Chamber Singers
MUS-137 Chamber Singers
MUS-152 Concert Band
MUS-153 Concert Band
MUS-156 Jazz Ensemble
MUS-157 Jazz Ensemble
MUS-158 Chorus
MUS-159 Chorus
MUS-161 Cooperative Work Experience in Music Industry
MUS-170 Class Voice
MUS-171 Class Voice
MUS-184 Digital Audio Recording and Production
MUS-190 Performance Studies
MUS-191 Performance Studies
MUS-205 Music  Theory and Practice III
MUS-206 Music  Theory and Practice IV
MUS-208 Rock, Pop, and Soul Ensemble
MUS-209 Rock, Pop, and Soul Ensemble
MUS-221 Music Industry Seminar
MUS-222 Music Industry Seminar
MUS-226 Class Guitar III
MUS-227 Class Guitar IV
MUS-232 Class Piano III
MUS-233 Class Piano IV
MUS-236 Chamber Singers
MUS-237 Chamber Singers
MUS-252 Concert Band
MUS-253 Concert Band
MUS-256 Jazz Ensemble
MUS-257 Jazz Ensemble
MUS-258 Chorus
MUS-259 Chorus
MUS-260 Conducting
MUS-262 Woodwind Methods
MUS-263 Brass Methods
MUS-270 Class Voice
MUS-271 Class Voice
MUS-272 String Methods
MUS-273 Percussion Methods
MUS-290 Performance Studies
MUS-291 Performance Studies